“It’s not your salary that makes you rich. It’s your spending habits”

– Charles A. Jaffe –

As the paydays continue to come and go… it’s time to do an update since the last payday plan post.

– Designated funds from this payday –

  • 401K contribution $177.30 – current value $15.637.43
  • Fidelity brokerage account $55.00 – current value $210.81
  • Acorns Roth IRA $0 – current value $103.35
  • Acorns investment account $0 – current value $142.77

A part of what I earn is mine to keep

You can create your own acorns account by clicking here.

Once again I’m not putting a lot into my brokerage account as I continue to pay down my debts. But I will maintain paying myself first no matter how little it might be. I do contribute 6% of my pretax income to my 401k since my employer matches dollar for dollar up to 6%. Unfortunately the employer match has been suspended until further notice due to the covid crisis.

I wound up selling my share of BIGC because I had read some articles discussing the share price being over valued and predictions of a massive decline in the share price. I wound up selling at 110.09 which isn’t a bad profit since I purchased it at 72.81.

I took that and added it to some dry powder I had sitting in my brokerage account to pick up a share of apple for 132.91 after the apple stock split but the share price started tanking right after I opened my position. I didn’t want to see all of my BIGC profit vanish so I sold AAPL at 122.99… it’s currently at 113.60 at the time of this writing.

I decided to take that and what I had left sitting on the sidelines in my brokerage account and purchased shares of BRG which is a REIT stock that pays an annual dividend of $.65 per share. I opened a position and purchased 23 shares at $7.56 per share. It’s time to start building that passive income portfolio.

I just added 7 more shares of BRG at $7.33 per share after adding the $55.00 to my account to make an even 30 shares. I’ll probably start picking up 1-2 shares a payday from this point on to add to that position. I’m researching some other stocks I’d like to open positions on in the coming paydays.

I’m not adding to the acorns account on this payday.

Be sure to keep track with me and if you’d like, share your payday plan in the comments section below.

Until next time… be sure to comment below and let’s get some dialogue going.

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