Payday Plan Post 8/28/2020…

“Financial freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process”

– Robert Kiyosaki –

Wow… here it is two weeks later since the last Payday Plan Post Time to do an update since the last one and document the planned investments for this payday.

– Designated funds from this payday –

  • 401K contribution $172.10 – current value $15.825.30
  • Fidelity brokerage account $75.00 – current value $184.92
  • Acorns Roth IRA $5 – current value $100.13
  • Acorns investment account $5 – current value $143.44

A part of what I earn is mine to keep

You can create your own acorns account by clicking here.

I’m not putting a lot towards investments currently since I’m paying down debts. But the goal is to pay myself first each payday and put that money to work before anything else.

I wanted to catch the ARKF eft for $36.50 last payday, but it never went back down to that level and instead went back up into the $38 range. So I decided to add another $25 to the fidelity account and pick up a share of BIGC (Big Commerce) for $72.81. I watched it go down to the $66 range for two days before popping back up into the $140 range so I’m up huge on that buy at a 93.65% gain since the purchase. There’s been a lot of volatility on the price in an upward trend for three days straight.

I purchased a share of ARKF etf a few weeks back before the first payday plan post at $38.50 and its currently at $40.23. So I’m up 4.49% on that position. I’m thinking about picking up another share or two if it dips back down again.

I’ve been considering starting a small position in another stock or etf so I’ll see where the price goes in the next couple of days and share my decision on the 9/11/2020 payday plan post.

Be sure to keep track with me and if you’d like, share your payday plan in the comments section below.

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